September Update!!

Here is my August drawings and my new work I’ve been doing digitally. I also included the flag I painted for my mom. My next challenge is to make a digital calendar. I need ideas for themes. I’ve done a lot of snake and galaxy variations. Enjoy! Comment suggestions!


August Update!!

Here are my drawings from July. They are not my best work as I wasn’t feeling as motivated to do them this month, then rushed to finish them. I’ve been doing a lot of digital art on my iPad and through Canva. I also did some painting with my step-daughter. Below are those plus a sneak peak at a project I’m working on for my mom (the flag) and the prompts for August! Enjoy!

July Update!

Here are my drawings from June and the prompts for July. I’ve also been working on a few new projects. I have started and completed a mini doodles projects. I’ve started on a couple other things, the octopus and tiny posters using watercolor. Enjoy!

June Update!

Hello there! Here are my drawings from my May prompts and the prompts for this month. I have also included some backgrounds and wallpapers I made using Canva. Bonus pic is a pretty butterfly I got to hold, sadly it had a broken wing.

May Update!!

Throughout April I became more inspired to create. I’ve been working with watercolors and affirmations. I have many new project ideas in mind that will hopefully come to fruition soon. Below are my April challenge drawings, my May prompts, and some of my mini posters and the progress on my watercolor bookshelf.

I’m Back!

Hello everyone! I am sorry I haven’t posted in 2 years! It has been an interesting two years. I got married and started grad school. This year I am challenging myself to a year of drawings. My goal is to do 365 drawings and eventually create them digitally. I want to get into digital art but I’m not sure where to start. I have messed around a little creating backgrounds and a logo for a potential company. Below are my backgrounds and my drawing prompts. I am really behind on my drawings but I will make up for it and try to post monthly updates. Enjoy!