Inktober 2019

This year I attempted Inktober for the first time ever. I do not usually draw so this pushed me to be more creative and try new things. I am in no way a drawer but I wanted to give this a go. I know some of them are not very good. It was a lot harder than I expected. I hope the images are in order; I’m sorry if they are not. I used the following prompt to do Inktober:

Day 1: Ring Day 2: Mindless Day 3: Bait Day 4: Freeze Day 5: Build Day 6: Husky Day 7: Enchanted Day 8: Frail Day 9: Swing Day 10: Pattern Day 11: Snow Day 12: Dragon Day 13: Ash Day 14: Overgrown Day 15: Legend Day 16: Wild Day 17: Ornament Day 18: Misfit Day 19: Sling Day 20: Tread Day 21: Treasure Day 22: Ghost Day 23: Ancient Day 24: Dizzy Day 25: Tasty Day 26: Dark Day 27: Coat Day 28: Ride Day 29: Injured Day 30: Catch Day 31: Ripe

New Art Adventures

Adjusting to adult life has been interesting. I am so use to being a student and not that I am not, I miss it. I am currently a Special Education Para-educator at a middle school. With this position, I am helping out in an art class and get to do some of the projects with the kids. Below are some of those projects. The first one we did was draw Spongebob; I am not a drawer at all, especially not 3D. The second was tye dying color diffusion paper. The third, and most interesting, was making a clay bobble head. I chose to design mine to look like Dobby the house elf from Harry Potter. I am excited to see where this new adventure leads.

Final Projects Spring 2019

Below will be my final projects from ceramics and photography. I will also include some of my graduation photos because I finally made it! My ceramics finals are my chips and salsa platters for fantasy function, and the donuts sculpture for the no base project. My photography final is series inspired by transition. Since I am graduating and moving it is the goodbye to my childhood and hello to my future.

Ceramics Throwback

These images are of most, if not all, of my work from Fall 2018, at various stages. I was a non-major taking ceramics for the first time. I managed to get into the Juried Student Art Show with my wall piece. It was an abstract obsession piece based off of Tim Burton’s “Nightmare Before Christmas”. The piece is titled Holiday Nightmare.

Week 14 Ceramics

This week I finished up glazing all of my work. I got some of my work back including a shot glass I made to match a cup I made a few weeks ago. I’m excited to see the results from the soda kiln. I’m also excited to piece together my finished no base project (the donuts). I experimented with two glazes on my salsa platters for my fantasy function project; I’m excited to see those results as well.

I have all of my work back and I am so happy with the results. I am a little annoyed with myself for loading my cone 6 clear donuts project into cone 10 but they still turned out good.

Pictured below are my salsa platters, my bowls, tiles, feather and cup from the soda fire, and my no base (donuts) project before getting epoxied together.

Week 13 Ceramics/Soda Kiln

This week I finished up my last two projects; the fantasy function and the no base project. I also made some things to put into the wood kiln which is now going to be a soda kiln. I also made some planters to put my purple glaze on.

My fantasy function piece consists of 3 platters for chips and salsa for personal use. Only one has been fired so far. It warped a little bit but it will still be functional.

My no base project consists of donuts piled on top of donuts teetering on a giant donut. It is very whimsical and colorful. I am excited to finish it up and get it fired.

I am excited for the soda kiln. I will be putting in 2 bowls, a cup, 3 test tiles, and a feather I made last semester that never got fired.

Pictured below are some slip cups I experimented with. My pieces that are going into the soda kiln. The planters I made. The boat for my test tiles. My donuts for my no base project.

Photography Film

Here are some photos I took using 35mm black and white film. I developed it using the Caffenol process. The caffenol process consists of using coffee, vitamin C powder, and laundry soap. I used a darkroom bag and developer tank. The developing process takes about 20 minutes. The subjects of my photos are because black and white works great to show textures. I was also experimenting and hoping for the best because manual photography is not my best work. The seed pod image is currently on display in our class gallery show April 7-11 at IUS.